Woodbridge High School
1 Samuel Lupo Pl, Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Mr. Stadt's Online Classroom

Classroom Expectations

Students are responsible for the following: 


 Since this class is computer based we need to get the majority of assignments done in class, therefore, we really need to stay focused to be able to complete all we need to complete.
        No phone use allowed. Unless it is approved by the teacher. (to retrieve password etc.)
        No talking during class unless you have permission from the teacher and it is class work related
        No getting up and walking around
        We sit close to our neighbors in computer class please be respectful of their space. It is unacceptable to put your hands on someone         computer. DO NOT turn off someone else’s computer, monitor or keyboard. If there is a computer related problem I will help them.

CONSEQUENCES for the above mentioned actions; Points will be deducted from that days assignment, if problem persist you receive a failing grade for that day's assignment and you get written up and possibly sent to the office. If you are written up teacher will call home.


 Attend class on a regular basis.  Eight absences will result in a loss of credit for the course.
 Arrive to class on time.  If you are late to class without a pass you will get written up.

 Absolutely no food or drink will be allowed in the computer classroom.  (Please throw it away before coming into the room).

Obtain all missed assignments if you are out.  You will be permitted 2 make up days for each day you are out.

You may not use the network to download files from the Internet, send files to another user or to access printers outside of this room.

Be respectful by treating others in the classroom with respect. All students are expected to be responsible and respectful when substitutes are present.


 You may not use the Internet to access any websites that have no relation to the class assignment or to access email, games, chat rooms or instant messaging.
You will be given a logon and a password.  Please write it down somewhere safe.  Do not share your password.  If anyone is logged in with your password, you will be held responsible.


Everyday you will go to your assignment folder and review the day’s assignment. I will review and go over new assignments in class, I will also have a video tutorial of the lesson as well. (In the Assignment folder).
When saving your work, you will save it as: your full name and the assignment title. example; MabelPines_LogoAssignment.